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Chosson and Kallah Teacher Pilot Study

Survey of teachers of the laws of family purity in the Orthodox Jewish community in the United States and pilot study for initial curriculum development with a pre-survey and follow-up survey for testing and feedback purposes

The Sacks Fellowship in Ethics and Entrepreneurship of the Sacks-Herenstein Center at Yeshiva University invites you to participate in a pilot study for supplemental training of groom (chosson) and bride (kallah) teachers. This new curriculum is being offered to JLIC couples for testing and feedback. The training focuses on preparing teachers to work with people who have trauma histories. The modules will cover (1) what trauma is, how it manifests, signs of trauma, and how to work people who have a trauma history; (2) sexual abuse histories, sexual psychoeducation; (3) other trauma histories, skills, and communication; (4) a live halachic question-and-answer session about teaching chossons and kallahs who have a trauma history.

We do not expect any risks from taking part in this study.


The study may have no benefits to you. However, we expect to derive new insights from the study about how prepared groom (chosson) and bride (kallah) teachers in the Jewish Modern Orthodox community are to work with people who have trauma histories and enable the development of supplemental training in this area.

There are no costs to participate in this study.

You will not be paid for taking part in this study.

Taking part in this study is your choice. You can choose to take part, or you can choose not to take part in this study. You also can change your mind at any time. Whatever choice you make will not have any effect on your relationship with Yeshiva University, the Sacks-Herenstein Center, or the researchers of this study.

If you are interested in learning more about the study, please CLICK HERE to continue reading, or have someone read to you, the consent information sheet. Ask the study staff questions about anything you do not understand. Once you understand the study, we will ask you if you wish to participate; if so, you will have to click “Continue” to proceed to the study.

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