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Memory's Loss

Me and my grandmother, taking a selfie toegther with matching grins
Our last photo together, November 2017

My grandmother (Ahuva/Savti) was the gatekeeper of a nation's memories. She and my grandfather (Yaakov/Saba) met in Lehi. Savti trained people to fight. Saba was a double agent who fought in the '48 war. When the war started Savti worked to help document everything about Lehi, and her work was the foundation for what later became the Lehi Museum.

Since the modern fight for freedom from colonial rule started, we have kept a count of everyone lost. My grandmother was one of the last to know, to remember, and to personally mourn people lost fighting the British Empire, fighting for survival when the surrounding countries attacked.

This is the first Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzmaut without my grandparents and I feel an immense loss personally and for all of us for the broken link. Honoring the memory of those lost in war and to terrorist attacks is fundamental to any potential for celebrating the independence that was so hard won.

I have loved ones mourning those they lost today. We all share in your grief. May HaShem bring comfort and peace to עם ישראל and the entire world.

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